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January’s Home Depot Gift Card WINNER


Ashley Wehrmann!


Ashley says, “My boyfriend built this behind-the-couch shelf for us after I found something similar on Pinterest. I LOVE it! Our couch is huge with no room for end tables on the side so this works perfectly. We use it for decor and keep coasters on it for our drinks.”

This is a perfect example of maximizing your Living Room Organization! They created room where there wasn’t and now have a piece that is functional, decorative, and keeps things organized.

Thanks so much for entering the giveaway, Ashley!

Don’t forget: I’ll be hosting another giveaway for the month of February with a chance to win a gift card to The Home Depot courtesy of store #2205!

Operation Year of Organization – January Tips for Your Living Room

We’re into week 2 of the new year, and on our way to an entirely organized home! This month, we’re concentrating on the living room. If you missed the details on why we started with the living room and how to start getting it¬†organized and de-cluttered, you can find those posts¬†here¬†(why) and¬†here¬†(how).

Today, I’m going to give you some pointers on conquering those different areas of clutter that can in our living rooms and how to create an environment that steers you clear of repeating past mistakes that helped you get and stay unorganized. Continue reading

Why We Decided to Cancel Christmas

Why We Decided to Cancel Christmas - Expressions by Red

Our crazy bunch – Christmas 2014

Christmas is, by far, my favorite time of year. There is something magical about it all. The hustle and bustle of the crowds as they shop, the music, the Hallmark card scenes played out¬†with¬†horse-drawn sleds prancing¬†in the snow and the glistening lights throughout town fill my soul with a happiness I can’t describe. It is truly a time of joyous celebration and one I look forward to each and every year.

Two years ago, we stepped away from the tradition of overloading our kids on presents and went to the 4 Things approach: something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR, something to READ. Each of our children received those four gifts, along with a gift on Christmas Eve where each gets a pair of pajamas, and as a group they get a new kid-friendly movie (that we pick up at our local Family Video at a fraction of the cost!). We loved scaling back for a number of reasons, but this year I wanted to take it even further. This year, we decided to cancel Christmas.
Continue reading

Finding Contentment from a Peg Board

Finding Contentment from a Peg BoardFor some reason, all the trials and tribulations we’ve been through these past two years are things we’ve been afraid to share. We’ve felt embarrassed, ashamed, and even inadequate. But the truth is, we have no reason to feel that way.

I’ve started and stopped this post many times. I’ve felt the need to be honest, but then I’ve felt the need to keep quiet. I’ve worried that by saying something it would make people think less of us or see us in a different light. And then I realized that it’s not us that created this situation. It’s us that fought through it to do the right thing. And it’s us that have been working tirelessly to make sure we get through this. We haven’t sat idly by and watched as our world sank. We have straddled ourselves and our situation¬†to buoys and life jackets and done everything we can to stay afloat. And that is nothing to be ashamed of. Continue reading

How To Make Pinwheels – The Perfect Dish For Any Party!

Pinwheels Cover PhotoThe holidays are right around the corner (literally! Hello?! Is anyone else besides me freaking out that Thanksgiving is already next week?!) and that means you’ll more than likely be attending, or even hosting, a gathering. And what’s a gathering without delicious food to consume while you mingle and enjoy¬†the company of others?

The big question when it comes to a gathering of any kind where you’re to bring food is this: What should I bring? You want something that’s going to be a crowd-pleaser, something that doesn’t break the bank, and something that’s easy to make, right? Well, I’ve got just the recipe for you, and it fits all the criteria! Continue reading

Creating the Perfect Fall Blessings Basket

How To Create the Perfect Fall Blessings Basket

We’ve all been there, whether we’ve admitted it to others or not – a loved one has passed away or we’ve gone through surgery or a major illness. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than we’ve just become overwhelmed during a season of our lives, and some beautiful soul has blessed us by bringing food, carpooling our kids, bringing over coffee, cleaning our house, or even just lending an ear and heart to our needs.

I often find that it’s much easier to give help than it is to receive it. Continue reading