Sausage in a Blanket

Sausage in a BlanketRemember when I told you that two of our three kids are picky about meat and only like sausage? Well, this is one of their favorite meals! Can I tell you a secret? It’s one of mine and my husband’s too!

You may have grown up with “Pigs in a Blanket” using hot dogs inside of biscuits. I’ve had those a time or two, but when I was growing up, my mom put a different spin on it, and it was a total hit that has stuck with me ever since!

You’ll need:

  • 1 can of 8 biscuits (I LOVE Pillsbury Grands Homestyle Buttermilk biscuits)
  • 1 package of 14 breakfast sausage links (If you’re feeling extra breakfast-y, try a maple flavored link. They’re delicious in this recipe!)
  • Velveeta cheese


  1. Preheat oven according to directions on biscuit can
  2. Grease two cookie sheets
  3. Cook sausage links on stove top
  4. Cut raw biscuit in half and roll out – width and length wisesausage in a blanket assembly 1
  5. Place a thin slice of Velveeta onto biscuit halfsausage in a blanket assembly 2
  6. Place a sausage link on top of Velveeta slicesausage in a blanket assembly 3
  7. Roll biscuit closed around cheese and link
  8. Lay rolled biscuit with opening facing down onto cookie sheet (this will keep your biscuit from unrolling during baking)sausage in a blanket assembly 4
  9. Repeat with remaining 13 sausage links
  10. Bake according to directions on biscuit can

You will have an extra biscuit at the end. Just throw it on your cookie sheet and bake it with the rest.

We love to pair our Sausage in a Blanket with some good old mac and cheese. And, since I’m still searching for the perfect homemade recipe, we stick to the ease of Kraft’s original macaroni and cheese. P.S. There’s a few of us in the house that love to dip our SIABs in ketchup – and even with the maple flavored links, it’s devine! (And that’s coming from someone who reserves ketchup for hot dogs and hamburgers!)sausage in a blanket finished

Did you love these as much as we do? Let us know! PLUS, if you have a homemade mac and cheese recipe that’s to die for, I’d love to hear from you!


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