Operation Year of Organization: January – Living Room

Welcome to #OperationYearofOrganization! I’m so excited for this series for a number of reasons, but the biggest is that we’re all going to enjoy the wonderful feeling of actually getting our homes organized this year! No more new year’s resolutions that fall through. No more getting exhausted and worn out trying to tackle it all in a matter of a few weeks or months. No more giving up halfway through only to have to start all over again next year.

This will be the year your house gets organized – and stays that way!

Just to recap how it will work for those that are new to this challenge or need a reminder:

  • Each month will be focused on a particular room or area of the home
  • Week 1 (January 4th): Room/Area is announced, the link to my Pinterest board of ideas is given to follow along and get ideas from – I’ll also show you my “Before” pictures
  • Week 2 (January 11th): Tips, tricks, and suggestions will be posted on the blog for getting the maximum organization out of your space
  • Week 3 (January 18th): I will post my “Before” and “After” photos of my space and run through the methods I used
  • Week 4 (January 25th): A Linky party will be posted for you to link up an”After” photo so we can all share our progress with each other (you don’t have to have a blog to do this)
  • After Week 4 has ended, I will randomly draw a winner from those that linked up their photos, and that winner will be mailed a gift card to The Home Depot courtesy of store #2205! That way, you have a head start on any purchases you might want to make in the coming months to get organized!


*If there are five weeks in any given month, the linky party will extend through the fifth week. Contest is open to US residents only.*

**Also, you can follow along with me on Instagram and share your progress along the way using the hashtag #operationyearoforganization**

And the room/area for the month of January is… (drum roll please)


The living room gets the most traffic and use out of any other room in the house. It’s often the focal point for family time, social gatherings, and where we go to unwind after a long day.

Seeing how it is a room that gets SO much attention, I wanted to start with it first. We will work this month on finding ways to solve your storage needs, how to keep things clutter-free, and optimizing the space you have using various methods of organization.

It’s important to note that not everyone has a free budget to just go buy storage solutions. I’m with you! I will be personally concentrating on ways I can provide solutions without hitting the stores. Sure, I’d love to throw a beautiful IKEA entertainment center in my room. Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am! Living room DONE! But, that’s not how this will work for our own home and budget.

I want to encourage you – if your budget is tight and un-stretchable like mine is, don’t despair! I plan on showing you multiple ways you can still achieve organization without breaking the bank.

Here is my “Before”:

Yes, Christmas is still lingering in our house since it is the first weekend of the new year.

As you can see by the buffet table I already have set up in here, it tends to be the “catch all”. Shoes are constantly left in the room – either by the door or by the buffet. (P.S. I’m the biggest culprit with that one!) And while these real-time photos of our living room from this morning don’t look too bad, the room really can get quite out of hand very quickly.

This room presents a few challenges for me because I lack real space to incorporate things like a coffee table, and the budget for things like storage cabinets and replacing our ottoman with one that can hold things like blankets and such. The layout is pretty much set in stone because of our large sectional (that I can’t wait to move downstairs in the future!), and we have an odd section between the living room/kitchen/hallway area that can easily look too cluttered by adding storage pieces.

However, those challenges aside, I think we’ll be able to get some great solutions added in here in several ways. It does help that we don’t allow the kids to keep their toys in the living room. Because it is the first room you see when you walk in and because their rooms are more than large enough to keep everything in, we don’t store toys in here. They do bring them out to play, but have to put them away every night.

I know many of you have toy areas for your children in your living room, and that’s great, too! I’ll show you great ways for keeping those toys organized and keeping the room de-cluttered next week.

Check back here next week for tips, tricks and suggestions for organizing your living room. In the meantime, follow my board on Pinterest to check out even more ideas and find ones you’d like to incorporate into your own living room! You can follow that board here. I’ll be adding more ideas and solutions as we go, so make sure you follow along so you don’t miss out on the idea that could work for you!

This next week:

  • think about the items that are taking over your space and write them down
  • write down the places that are cluttered or never seem to stay clean for long periods of time
  • brainstorm ideas for storing those items (my Pinterest board will come in handy here)
  • throw away any items you don’t use – sort through old mail – toss those old magazines – go through the toys and reduce the amount you keep in the living room
  • write down how you’d like to see your room progress by the end of the month – what do you envision for this space?

It can help to take pictures of your room from different angles, and go back to look in the pictures to find where your problem areas are. I didn’t even think of adding a technology/electronics section to my list until after looking at my photos. It reminded me that the laptops are always laying around on the floor in here!

I’ll see you back here next week and can’t wait to see how your rooms will look at the end of the month! If you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed, write me a comment letting me know where you’re stuck, and I’ll see how I can help to pull you out!


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