Get Your Home Organized in 2016

It’s the first day of the new year, and now is the time when everyone’s in the mindset of starting fresh! We set goals, make resolutions, and plan on revamping certain areas of our lives, and our homes almost always make the list.

Most often, you see ways to declutter or organize your home in “x” amount of days. Generally, it’s within the first three months of the new year. I love the idea of getting it all done and out of the way, but realistically, how many of us actually complete the entire process? When it’s compacted into the first of the year, added to the fact that you have all of your other resolutions piling on top of it, it becomes very daunting to finish, and we get burnt out before we’re half way through.

I’m taking a different approach to organizing my home in 2016, and I’d love to have you join me! Instead of trying to tackle the entire job in just a few short months, we’ll spread it out over the course of the year. This makes it much more realistic to complete, gives us more time to examine our true needs in each area, more time to research ideas and tips on a particular room, and keeps us from feeling like failures right out of the gate from not finishing because we’re too exhausted from pushing to get it done while maintaining our normal, busy lives.

There will be incentive in it for you, too! I want this to be an encouraging journey for not only myself but for you as well! I want us to join together and share our successes, downfalls, and insight with each other along the way to making our homes – and thus our daily lives – more organized.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Each month will be focused on a particular room or area of the home
  • Week 1: Room/Area is announced, the link to my Pinterest board of ideas is given to follow along and get ideas from – I’ll also show you my “Before” pictures
  • Week 2: Tips, tricks, and suggestions will be posted on the blog for getting the maximum organization out of your space
  • Week 3: I will post my “Before” and “After” photos of my space and run through the methods I used
  • Week 4: A Linky party will be posted for you to link up an”After” photo so we can all share our progress with each other (you don’t have to have a blog to do this)
  • After Week 4 has ended, I will randomly draw a winner from those that linked up their photos, and that winner will be mailed a gift card to The Home Depot courtesy of store #2205! That way, you have a head start on any purchases you might want to make in the coming months to get organized!

*If there are five weeks in any given month, the linky party will extend through the fifth week.*

**Also, you can follow along with me on Instagram and share your progress along the way using the hashtag #operationyearoforganization**

Next Monday, January 4th will be the start of our Week 1! I’ll announce here on the blog what room we’re tackling and give you the link to my Pinterest board full of ideas for taking that bull by the horns. Hint: It’s one of the most used rooms in our homes.

I can’t wait to see you back here on Monday! It’s going to be a great year for getting our homes organized. And this time, you can be confident that you will finish your entire home! And do you know what that means? You won’t have to put it on your list for 2017!


***You can join in the #operationyearoforganization anytime throughout the year and link up for the winner’s gift card. Just make sure whichever month you link up, that you link up with the current Room/Area for that month. Contest open to residents of United States only.***


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