How To Make Pinwheels – The Perfect Dish For Any Party!

Pinwheels Cover PhotoThe holidays are right around the corner (literally! Hello?! Is anyone else besides me freaking out that Thanksgiving is already next week?!) and that means you’ll more than likely be attending, or even hosting, a gathering. And what’s a gathering without delicious food to consume while you mingle and enjoy the company of others?

The big question when it comes to a gathering of any kind where you’re to bring food is this: What should I bring? You want something that’s going to be a crowd-pleaser, something that doesn’t break the bank, and something that’s easy to make, right? Well, I’ve got just the recipe for you, and it fits all the criteria!

These pinwheels have been a hit since the very first batch I whipped up! I had received a recipe a few years back for some amazing pinwheels that I loved. However, there were a few ingredients that took some effort to put together, and that really didn’t work for me. I made some adjustments, took the complicated parts out, and viola! Perfect Pinwheels!

You’ll need:

Pinwheels Recipe Ingredients

  • 4 oz sour cream
  • 16 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 4 oz can diced, green chilis (some cans are just over 4 oz. It’s okay. Go with it!)
  • 4 oz can chopped, black olives (same rules as the chilis on can size)
  • 1 cup grated, cheddar cheese (sharp is great for these, but medium works well, too)
  • 1 package Hidden Valley Fiesta Dip Mix (typically found in the salad dressing isle at your grocery store)
  • Garlic powder; to taste
  • Seasoned salt; to taste
  • 10 flour tortillas (burrito size)
  • aluminum foil

***When you make these, make sure you make them a day in advanced!***

  1. In a large bowl, mix all ingredients well (excluding garlic powder, seasoned salt and tortillas)
  2. Mix in garlic powder and seasoned salt to taste (I generally sprinkle a good helping of each)
  3. Laying out a tortilla, spread a thin layer of the mixture onto the tortilla coming close to the edgePinwheels Recipe - spreading ingredientsPinwheels Recipe - spreading ingredients 2
  4. Tightly (without being too tight that you’re squeezing all your mixture out) roll your tortilla closedPinwheels Recipe - rolling tortilla
  5. Roll tortilla up into aluminum foil; twist ends of foil closedPinwheels Recipe - foil wrapping
  6. Repeat with remaining mixture and tortillas
  7. Refrigerate for 24 hours

    Pinwheels Recipe - refrigerate

    I like to pack mine up onto a cookie sheet for easy storage in the fridge.

  8. Remove tortillas from aluminum foil
    Pinwheels Recipe - removing foil

    Start by unraveling the center of the foil.

    Pinwheels Recipe - removing foil 2

    Then you can just pull the ends of the foil off the tortilla!

  9. Slice off ends of tortillas that are twistedPinwheels Recipe - removing ends
  10. Slice each tortilla into 1/4″ pieces (This is an approximate measurement. Don’t get too worked up about making them all perfect. 😉 )Pinwheels Recipe - cutting
  11. Distribute your pinwheels onto a dish ready for servingPinwheels Recipe
  12. Enjoy!

These pinwheels are great for any occasion! You can use them as a side dish or appetizer, and they come together so fast and easy!


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