Make Over Your Mornings – Day 14 Blog Along

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Good morning! If you’ve been with us for Day 1, welcome back! I’m so proud of you for continuing on! If you haven’t snagged a copy yet, it’s not too late to get yours and join us! Head on over to Make Over Your Mornings to get yours now. The workbook that comes with it is invaluable – not to mention the personal videos you get to watch each day featuring Money Saving Mom‘s very own Crystal Paine. You can find Day 1’s Blog Along post here to catch up. And if you’re looking for a testimony to how wonderful this program works, you can find mine here.

Have your copy and ready to start changing your life? LET’S GO!

Can you believe we’re at the end of the course?! I’m so very proud of you for making it to the finish line! It really is an accomplishment worth celebrating!

Just think of all the things we’ve covered in the last two weeks and all the changes you’ve already begun implementing into your life. You’ve likely adjusted your morning alarm clock to go off earlier to allow you more productivity in your days. You’ve figured out how to set up your evenings to reduce or eliminate the stresses of the morning and also discovered how vitally important it is for you to get adequate sleep. You’ve narrowed down what your non-negotiables are and have come up with reasons for getting up early and making the most out of your day. You’ve learned how to not only set goals but how to break them down into manageable and feasible bite-sized pieces and how to implement those pieces into your daily routine. You’ve established an accountability partner to help keep you on track and keep you working the course. You’ve been taught how to create a to-do list that won’t snuff out your light every day and will offer progress and taken all of these items into account to develop a morning routine. You’ve likely already added or are searching for the workout routine to incorporate exercise into your days and have learned the importance of having a reward system in place for yourself. Most importantly, you’ve learned things you can do when you struggle or fail and how to get back up again!

There has been a plethora of information and amazing life skills that Crystal has taught us in and through this course. I know I am extremely grateful to her for putting it together and to God for putting it in front of me. I’m still a work in progress. We all are. But, we’re progressing. That’s what will make all the difference now that we’ve begun implementing this course into our daily lives.

Throughout the workbook of the course, Crystal mentions several books to take you even further. While I haven’t read it yet, it is on my list of books to start, and that is her book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. What’s even more exciting is that it comes with a free 7-Day Challenge! I love that her books are so interactive!

Another book I would highly recommend is one I’ve read after going through this course: What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam. It really does play hand-in-hand with the things we’ve learned in this course and offers deeper insight into a lot of the areas.

However you keep yourself going through these routines we’ve learned and established long after this course is complete, just make sure you keep yourself going. I really can’t express to you how proud I am of you for making it all the way, and I’ve felt so blessed and honored to have you following along. I hope it’s made a difference for you in making over your mornings!

If there’s ever a time when you feel that you are struggling too much or can’t seem to get back on the horse, I’ll be here. I encourage you to keep up the excellent work you’ve been doing and spread the word about this course! We weren’t put on this earth to only gain for ourselves, and if this course has helped you in even the slightest capacity, you should shout it from the rooftops. Help others gain control of their lives and routines. Help them to gain the freedom from every day burdens like decision fatigue and dishes piling up with no end in sight. Together, we can build a community of life change!

If you know someone who’d like to take the course, simply direct them to the Make Over Your Mornings site where they can get a copy of the course for themselves. Encourage them along the way and be there to offer advice, your perspective, and a listening ear.

I’m sad to not be able to say I’ll be back here with the next day’s blog along. But, I will be back tomorrow with a recipe for you if you’d like to continue following along. Thank you very much for investing your time, energy, and efforts into this course, this blog along, and your life! You are going to go far!


2 thoughts on “Make Over Your Mornings – Day 14 Blog Along

  1. Thank you so much Crystal! I really have enjoyed following this course with you 🙂 Your advice and encouragement has been very helpful! I have learned so much from this course and will always give praise to Money Saving Mom! Goodbye to Survival Mode is a great resource with continuing the journey 🙂 I was thinking about reading it again! I have really enjoyed your blog and will continue to check up on what you are doing! Thanks again!!


    • I am very excited to read her Goodbye to Survival Mode book and focus in even more to the things she teaches. Money Saving Mom is a huge blessing to so many including myself! I’m so glad you followed along and loved having you! Thank you so much for going back through the course with me!


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