Make Over Your Mornings – Day 11 Blog Along

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Good morning! If you’ve been with us for Day 1, welcome back! I’m so proud of you for continuing on! If you haven’t snagged a copy yet, it’s not too late to get yours and join us! Head on over to Make Over Your Mornings to get yours now. The workbook that comes with it is invaluable – not to mention the personal videos you get to watch each day featuring Money Saving Mom‘s very own Crystal Paine. You can find Day 1’s Blog Along post here to catch up. And if you’re looking for a testimony to how wonderful this program works, you can find mine here.

Have your copy and ready to start changing your life? LET’S GO!

Diet and exercise are extremely important in daily life. I’ll admit I haven’t been the best in these two categories in my life. However, as I’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve noticed the difference between a day that I eat right and when I don’t. Likewise, I notice a difference between the days that I exercise and days that I don’t.

I always figured that wearing myself out first thing in the morning by exercising would make it impossible for me to get anything done. I assumed I’d spend the rest of my day tired and worn out and lacking any real motivation for productivity. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Exercising stimulates your brain and body and gives it a momentum that essentially sling shots you through your day. It also helps you sleep so much more soundly at night – which helps you to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

This past summer, when I first went through this course, I implemented exercise into my daily routine. I even encouraged my husband to get up a little earlier than he normally did for work and workout with me – which he did! We loved it! We felt better about ourselves knowing that we were doing something to improve our health, and better about our day because it started off with energy and focus rather than dragging our groggy selves out of bed to a lackluster start on our day.

I tried going to a conventional gym for a little while, but it proved to be a big inconvenience for my schedule. The gym is 20 minutes away, and by the time I checked the kids into the “Kid Zone”, you can count it as an hour for travel and check in/out. Add in an hour to workout (cause if I was driving all that way, I was going to get my time’s worth), and I just burned two hours of my day – an hour of which that provided no productivity. It also was inconvenient because Brandon would like to work out together, which obviously isn’t possible during the day since he’s at work, and we can’t go in the morning before he works because we are in no way getting the kids up at 5 am so we can go workout, and doing it at 6 in the evening and barely getting any time to eat or do homework or spend time together as a family made that plan dissolve as quickly as it was tried.

Finding a good exercise routine doesn’t have to include going to your local gym. You don’t need all of the fancy equipment to get a great, full body workout. In fact, there are many ways you can achieve gym results from your very living room!

I’ve heard many people rave about the P90X program. I haven’t personally used the system, but noticed on their website that they have different tiers you can purchase, and there are lots of people that have experienced great results from it. I’ve also heard positive reviews of the Crossfit workout program. You can do these workouts at home as well, or if you’d like to do them with a trainer, they offer many courses worldwide. And, you can always find different exercise dvds from Pilates to Yoga to Zumba to workouts designed for expectant mothers in stores like Target and Walmart.

If you’d like to start a workout routine that doesn’t cost any money, I’d recommend giving BodyRock a try. They have so many versatile workouts right on their website that cover the full body. You can start out with taking the Beginner Challenge – a daily workout delivered straight to your inbox that is designed to give you an all-over session in just 12 minutes. Or, you can try the Beginner Bootcamp on for size – no equipment required, and it only takes 10-12 minutes A DAY! Either of these options are great if you’re looking for a full body workout that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – or at all!

Crystal gave some excellent examples of combating whatever season of life you may be in to ensure you still get time in for daily exercise. Whatever path you choose, you can go into it knowing that there are solutions for the excuses that keep you from doing it. Just a few minutes a day will make a vast improvement in not just your day but your life for so many years to come! Remember that no matter what age we are or what season of life we’re in, putting our health first will set us up for so many greater things – and years – down the road.

I’ll be back here tomorrow with my experiences and thoughts from Day Twelve! And don’t forget, if you still haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of the Make Over Your Mornings e-course, you can do that here. You definitely don’t want to miss all the extra information you get from the course videos and workbook!

Do you currently incorporate daily exercise into your routine? If so, how has it made a difference in your life? If not, where do you think you’ll add it into your day? Will you commit with me to 30 days of exercise? (We’ll start next Monday to give you time to pick your method of working out.)


5 thoughts on “Make Over Your Mornings – Day 11 Blog Along

  1. In an effort help my son maintain his “shape” during the time between sports, he has been doing cross country and track at school since six grade, last week we agree we would get prepared to participate in a 5K the week of Thanksgiving. We have been walking to the park that is less than a mile from our house, my daughter included. She plays in the park until we have completed the target distance for the day (takes me much longer to do). This is only 3 or 4 days a week and takes about an hour by the time we get back home.


  2. Still working on this! I had a friend that did Crossfit for a while and she lost a ton of weight! It really helped build her muscles too! I recently purchased 3 walking at home videos by Leslie Sansone. She is very upbeat and positive 🙂 One of the videos includes walking one mile which is 15 minutes long and the two mile walk which is 30 minutes long. I definitely need to be challenged more in this area!


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