Creating the Perfect Fall Blessings Basket

How To Create the Perfect Fall Blessings Basket

We’ve all been there, whether we’ve admitted it to others or not – a loved one has passed away or we’ve gone through surgery or a major illness. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than we’ve just become overwhelmed during a season of our lives, and some beautiful soul has blessed us by bringing food, carpooling our kids, bringing over coffee, cleaning our house, or even just lending an ear and heart to our needs.

I often find that it’s much easier to give help than it is to receive it. I remember after our third child was born I was so beyond overwhelmed. He was a much needier baby than the other two had been, I was struggling with nursing, I had postpartum depression and to top it all off, my thyroid had decided to completely give out on me, making everything so much more of a struggle. I needed help. But my pride got in the way. I felt like if other mothers could face what I was facing or more and make it through, so could I. Several people from church called and attempted to bring meals for our family, but I told them it was no problem at all. I had it all under control. To add to the chaos, I had agreed to have my sister-in-law and her two children come visit us just a month after the baby was born and ended up spending that week agonizingly trying to hold it all together. Let’s just say, I didn’t do a very good job. I blew up in front of everyone at our New Year’s Eve celebration. Oh yeah, we had a gathering. Because, if you already can’t handle day-to-day life with your new baby and immediate family, the smartest thing to do would be to invite 20 guests over AND THEIR KIDS and host a party! Am I right?! You do realize, I’m now showing you just how utterly crazy I am. “The Queen of Taking on Too Much” should’ve been my first, middle and last names.

Although I’m Miss Crazy Pants when it comes to letting others bless me (I’m working on that), I do thoroughly enjoy blessing others – whether they ask for it or not. 😉 A few months ago, my great aunt ended up being life-watched to one of our local hospitals. While I’m don’t have an extremely close relationship with her, I knew her children and grandchildren and siblings would all be coming into town, wracked with worry, and I wanted to help. It can always be a strain on any budget when you have to suddenly take off work, spend unexpected gas money driving hours away only to spend more money on hotels and eating out. So, I decided I could help lift some of that burden. I baked pans of lasagna, bought some paper plates, napkins and plastic silverware, and headed to the hospital with a tow cart to carry it all. Finding a way to show others your thinking of them in their time of need doesn’t always have to be done with words.

Fall Blessings Basket

Making your own Blessings Basket is so easy to do! I put together the basket above for some friends that the husband had just had a major surgery. I sent the wife a message asking if I could bring them a meal to help ease the burden so she could focus on helping him. She was more than grateful, and so I asked if she’d like soup or another type of meal. She requested soup. I whipped up a batch of chicken tortilla soup (yummy!) and decided to add another option for them as well. So, I added in a delicious recipe from The Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond – her Corn and Cheese Chowder.

To put everything together, I headed to the local Dollar Tree. I LOVE that place! If you’re looking for a way to get some great bang for your buck, you should head there. I mean, everything is $1! How awesome is that?! It certainly makes for great crafting! Plus, they always have seasonal dishes. I scored these two bowls there, plus a package of fall napkins (which I can use for multiple Blessings Baskets), and the matching orange bin. Typically when creating a meal basket, you’d want to send disposable bowls so that it gives the receivers less to clean up. But, I look at it as a way to pass the blessings on. I packed everything up in the orange bin and included a note. The bowls are for them to keep and pass along if they find themselves blessing another in food form. Kind of like pay-it-forward bowls! They each ended up with a bowl, 2 meals and a napkin for each meal.

So, if you’re looking to bless someone – be it this fall or any other time of the year – head on over to your local Dollar Tree and grab some goodies to pack in your basket! Then, take your goodies over to someone and feel their joy when they receive their Blessings Basket.

And next time someone asks you if they can help in your time of need, let them. Take it from the crazy lady with experience, it’s not a bad thing to let others see your true, authentic self.


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