How To Get Fluffy Chocolate Chip Cookies Every. Single. Time.

Fluffy Chocolate Chip CookiesI’ve been making chocolate chip cookies for years, and it has taken me this long to FINALLY be able to pull them out of the oven and be happy with the outcome. You know how it goes. You mix everything up following the directions to a T, line baking sheet after baking sheet with rows of cookie spoonfuls, wait impatiently as they bake (with the oven light on, cause come on, even when you’re 30 it’s still more fun to watch the food cook), pull them out and let them cool…only to watch them deflate minutes later and end up just being these flat, sad, pathetic excuses for baked goods. So disappointing.

Well, that all changed for me several months ago. I haven’t had a flat cookie since, and I’m here to help you take your cookies from flat to fluffy with just a couple simple changes!

I can’t take the credit for this wealth of knowledge. When we moved into this house almost four years ago, I met a wonderful neighbor, and the first time she baked us chocolate chip cookies, we thought we’d died and gone to cookie heaven. THEY WERE AMAZING. Literally, the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. Hands down.

After a couple years and several batches of her always fluffy, never disappointing decadent morsels, I asked for the recipe. I can’t even describe to you the utter shock I felt when I realized it was the exact same recipe I’d used all these years – the one from the back of the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip package. Exact. Same. I can’t even. A punch in the gut, I tell ya. After all, if we’d been using a different recipe, it couldn’t have been user error, right?!

After making another batch myself (yes, I seriously thought maybe if I made another batch after having her ‘exact same as mine’ recipe that it would make a difference), and finding that it indeed didn’t make a difference at all, I talked to her about what kind of magic she was brewing in her kitchen.

Are you ready for this? It’s life changing…

Don’t melt the butter.

Seriously. Don’t melt the butter. “But the package says melted butter!” Yeah, yeah, I know what the package says. It’s the same package I’ve been following for the last 15 plus years and coming up with lack luster cookies. Don’t argue. Just listen. Here’s what you do: Take the sticks of butter out of the fridge. Put them straight into your mixing bowl (with your granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract as per package directions). Don’t melt them. Don’t let them get to room temperature. Just put them in cold. Beat the mixture until it becomes creamy (like the package says).

Life changing. You’ll never look at cookies the same way again.

Note: I’ve also found that pulling my cookies out at exactly 11 minutes ensures they don’t fall flat. An extra minute in the oven does them in. Obviously, oven temperatures vary, so the best method would be to watch them until they barely – and I mean barely – start to turn a hint of a shade of brown on the very outside bottom edge, and then pull them out. A few test spins with your own oven will tell you what the perfect time is. Once you find that time, use that every time. A slight variation of time has proven detrimental in my kitchen.

So, that’s it. COLD BUTTER! And the perfect timing. Now, go make yourself a batch. Or two. Or three. Trust me, once you start pulling cookies out of the oven like this, you’ll never want to stop baking them.


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