March of the Pandas – snuff out the blah: week two project


There he is. My little Mitchel Monkey. Don’t ask me why the boy with monkey as part of his nickname has an obsession with pandas. He just does. Also, gorillas. But that’s not what’s important here. What’s important here are the pandas.

Cold weather is coming upon us, and about a month ago, we ended up with some very chilly weather and found ourselves quite unprepared. (It went away just as quickly as it came. That’s Kansas, folks. 90 one week, 40 the next. No, really. That just happened.) Anywho, the thirty seconds of cold weather last month got me thinking about making something to keep the kiddos extra warm this year – and make it tailored to their personalities. Thus, the panda hooded scarf began.

Originally, I vowed to use things I found at home. I had some white fleece I’ve had stashed away for forever, and a black bath towel that never gets used because it leaves you covered in fibers instead of drying you off. So, I thought they would work perfect! Wrong. Wrong. W-R-O-N-G.

I drew up the pattern. Cut everything out. Realized in my excitement that I didn’t flip the pattern and had two same sides. Cut again. Sewed up one part, then the next. Went to sew the four layers of now excruciatingly thick fabric together: whatdoyaknow…they won’t fit under my presser foot. Suuuuper. That’s just fabulous. There went the whole “let’s make this as inexpensive as possible” route. Right out the window.

Thus, I walked away from the project. Weather warmed back up (literally the next day), and I was too frustrated and disappointed to try a different route. Until this week. Here we are with a week of cooler weather, and it got me in the mood. I was determined to make this come hell or high water. I set myself a budget of $20 and headed to Hancock’s to pick out the fabrics for my son’s panda and my daughter’s some other animal print I hadn’t figured out yet (she’s not as obsessive as he is). Hancock’s had their faux furs on sale for 40% off, and there I found the wonderfully, cuddly-soft white fur I used for Mitchel Monkey’s panda. I also found the perfect cheetah print for Miss P as she is a big fan of the animal prints. It’s beautiful! Then, I went to find myself an anti-pill, not too heavy, fleece in black as the lining for both pieces. It wasn’t on sale, but I didn’t care because they had a 50% off coupon in their mailer. I walked out of the store having spent $19.44! My husband was impressedWhen it comes to budgets, this girl knows how to shop!

I went home with renewed excitement, outlook, and hope. Working here and there for a couple of days, I was finally able to complete it. It was a pretty gosh darn easy sew once I figured out just how to put everything together. And now, my little monkey with a fondness for cute and cuddly pandas is beyond ecstatic!

marchofthepandas 2

marchofthepandas 3

The hooded scarf comes complete with giant pockets – which is perfect for my “all about the comfy” boy. He is a HUGE pocket fan, and that’s usually where you’ll find his hands.

marchofthepandas 4

The pockets were made to his exact arm measurements – making it perfect for running around without having to worry about the hood falling off. Plus, it’s sooo cute in action!

marchofthepandas 5

I love a big hood. Leaves plenty of room for growth, but also holds that feeling of coziness so much more than a fitted hood.
marchofthepandas 6

Now that I’ve got this little guy’s hooded scarf done, I’m going to be whipping up Miss P’s cheetah version. You’ll definitely want to tune in for that because there may just be a tutorial that goes along with it. 😉


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