A Woodland Faerie – and my snuff out the blah: week one project


Almost three weeks late (due to a family medical emergency), but I FINALLY have my very first contribution for my Snuff out the Blah Challenge, and I’m sooo excited!

Obviously, the timeline worked out super perfect for Halloween and ended up being comprised of several firsts for me – the first being making a Halloween costume for one of my children. I’ve never even so much as sewn up a quick mask or cape. Every year, it’s the same drill: Go to the store, roam through the not-so-fantastic selection of costumes, pick one, buy it, wear it on Halloween and manage to make it through most of the night before something rips, tears, or breaks. Super irritating for the parents who spent the money and very upsetting for the kids that end up only getting to enjoy their costume for fifteen seconds before it goes kerplunk.

This year, I decided it was time for a change. I originally had planned to make all three little ones their costumes. However, after smart time management examinations (which I almost never do – instead I pack too much on my plate and then freak out when I can’t finish) I realized tackling one instead of three was good enough for me this year. So, I started talking with my daughter (who is also the oldest) about what she would like to be. After she came up the idea of a faerie, we talked some more and settled on going with the “Woodland” route. And thus, the fabric shopping commenced!

Woodland Faerie 2014

Let me just say, the trip to the fabric store was the best one yet! Where I live, Hancock’s Fabrics and Joann’s are really my only two options, and I usually end up at Hancock’s because it’s so much closer than Joann’s. Typically, when I go to purchase fabric, I already have in my head exactly what I’m looking for. Then, I end up searching for hours to find in a store what’s in my head and wind up leaving the store with something sub par.

This time around, I went in with no advanced fabric decisions. Essentially, I walked in and let the fabric speak to me. It. was. magnificent. The more I found, the more the costume defined itself inside my head. Just like magic. So cool.

I then went to my local Michael’s and found a bag of the leaves that were so soft and fabric-like. They really worked out so perfectly and were so easy to sew right onto the top. I drew up the pattern for the bodice to make it super fitted, and it was made with a woven fabric that I overlayed with a suuuper stretchy white, glittery tulle on the front.

Woodland Faerie 2014c

The crown was a wooden piece I picked up at Dollar Tree along with the wings. I used two of the fabrics from the skirt and wrapped them around the wood. Those shoes were some black flats we purchased, and I hand-painted to look like moss with gold leaf detail (which, of course, you can’t see from this picture). Go figure. Ha!

Woodland Faerie 2014

I super glued the flowers and butterfly to the wings, which I purchased at Michael’s as well. You see that beautiful yellow zipper there? That’s my first official zipper installation! I was beyond excited to do my first zipper, and I realized I had avoided it for so long for no reason at all! So. Easy! Seriously. This costume required a jacket zipper because of the fit of the bodice and not having used a knit material. No stretch, no give = no way to get this thing on without the zipper. If you haven’t yet installed a zipper because, like me, you’ve heard all of the horror stories and ill feelings from other sewists, don’t fret it any longer! Get out your zipper foot and get to work. You’ll be looking for any excuse to add a zipper after that first one, just like me!

Along with the other firsts, that elastic waistband is my first ever. For some reason, I had completely psyched myself out and waited until the very last second to add the elastic waistband. I’ve done plenty of exposed elastic waists on skirts, but never one internally. I can officially say, I’ll be looking for any excuse to do these now, too!

All-in-all I had a blast making this costume! Had I had more time, I probably would’ve added a few more details here and there. But with my little 8 year old glowing from excitement and happiness, I’d say the overall goal was achieved, and at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters.

Stay tuned, because in a few days I’ll have the next Snuff out the Blah project to show you! And it’ll be perfect for our transition into this colder weather season!


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