Project BTS [RE]Fashion: Jammies on My Shoulders

So, did you think I’d completely given up on Project Back to School [RE]Fashion? Not quite! It’s just been a bit busier than usual around here, so I’m slow going getting things up on the blog. And now I come to you with refashion #1: my Jammies on My Shoulders raglan tee.

I got wayyyy too excited about sewing this baby up and totally forgot to take before pictures to show you what I was working with to start. The bodice of the shirt was made from one of the shirts I had that no longer fit. It’s a super soft cotton/poly/spandex blend shirt. I was barely able to get the pattern to fit width wise, but it ended up working out perfectly. I also used the neckline from that shirt instead of making my own like I usually do. All in the name of keeping it simple! I did, however, snap a pic afterwards of the item I used for the sleeves:

Jammies on My Shoulders 4

Super comfy, light weight cotton pajama pants. Yes. Pajama pants. Wrinkles and all. (That’s why that ironing board comes in so handy!) I thought the plaid print would add that perfect touch to this basic shirt. I’ll let you know how it all came together, but first, the final result:

Jammies on My Shoulders 3

I sewed this us while my little girl was at Grandma’s and was on pins and needles waiting for her to return home so I could find out if she liked it or not. Needless to say, she wasn’t in the house more than enough time to set her things down before I was begging her to try it on. And she LOVED it! Since I was too excited about it all, we decided on an impromptu photo shoot (aka I’ll go grab my phone real quick while you stand in my sewing room and smile with your fresh-from-the-pool hair). It all works, right?!

I used a shirt that we had recently purchased that fit her wonderfully to create my own pattern. The bodice curved just a bit to add a more fitted look. I also kept the new pattern long like the shirt I was drawing it from. I love the length. It will take her longer to grow out of, and in the meantime I don’t have to worry about random tummy flashes. Win/win. Best of all: she loves it. In fact, she insisted on wearing it two days later to her Open House at school. She really knows how to stroke my ego. Haha

Jammies on My Shoulders 1

This is her OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT! face. In fact, her exact words were that she was “positively positive” that she loved it. 🙂

I can’t express to you how easy this all came together! Really. Truly. Jess from Craftiness is not Optional did a wonderful tutorial on how to make your very own raglan tee pattern from a shirt that you already have in your closet, and it is great! You can find that here.

To add a couple of things to her tutorial, I would like to mention: when you are drawing up your pattern, do not use the back neckline of the shirt as your pattern base. Depending on how wide you’d like the opening to be, either use the front neckline or go somewhere between the back and front necklines. For this shirt, I came up about 1/2″ from the front neckline.

Also, when you are refashioning, always consider this: when dealing with stretchy knits, you want the stretch to go the right way. So whenever you are cutting up your clothes, align your new patterns to match the same direction the original would have. For instance: The up/down of your shirt before you refashion it should be the same direction you lay your refashion pattern. Don’t lay your pattern with the top of the pattern starting at the side of the shirt and running to the other side. The direction of the fabric grain should remain the same on your refashion as it was on the original. Make sense? I hope so!

Jammies on My Shoulders 2So hop on over and check out the wonderful raglan tee tutorial from Jess at Craftiness is not Optional! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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