Project Back To School [RE]Fashion

It’s that time again! School starts for us here in just two short weeks, and that means new clothes for the new year. Fortunately, I currently only have one in school, and she’s in 2nd grade, which will help considerably when trying to sew a new wardrobe in a short time span.

Every year like clockwork, she hits a growth spurt just as Fall rolls around – and of course, that falls in line perfectly with actually needing new clothes for school. In the past (not having had the knowledge to sew myself) it’s been the traditional trips to the stores, spending money that you had to scrape together in the first place, and ending up with things that don’t last that long anyway. This year, however, will be much different.

I cut my teeth on sewing literally 6 months ago. And trust me, I have a LOT to learn still. I got extremely good at sewing infant onesies that I had designed myself and opened up shop. But unlike what most people think (you know, the ones that have the idea that if you can sew one thing, you can do it all), I have quite a ways to go. I hope to never stop learning. I catch onto things very quickly, so I think that helps a ton, and I have a true desire to make things – and make them great.

Early this year, the company my husband worked for ended up laying off 20% of their company world-wide. This unfortunately included the entire office my husband worked in and all of their department. We live in a major aircraft industry hub and always avoided areas in that profession to avoid the worry of getting laid off. Ha. Ha. Ha. Lesson learned. It can happen anywhere, folks. He was finally able to find work here a couple of months ago, but it put a major strain on a single income family with three kids. And when you’re trying to regain your footings, the thought of school shopping and all the dollar signs that entails can be entirely overwhelming.

Then I remembered…Hey, I sew now! And major bonus on top of that: I just had baby number 3 (well, almost 9 months ago, but for my waist line’s sake, let’s call it just). It’s really more of a bonus for the kids because now I have hoards of clothes that I’ll never fit into again. Literally. Never. And if I do, someone please punch me in the throat and tell me to go eat a cheeseburger.

Now I have all of these clothes taunting me relentlessly with dollar signs that I see flying out of the window since I can’t wear them anymore. So what better way to put them to use than to refashion them into things the kids can wear? And on top of that, my daughter scores a new wardrobe for school! Win/win, right?!

After digging through all of the boxes I could find with my pre-third pregnancy clothes (some of which I barely ever got to wear), this is what I came up with:

IMG_20140805_200535_465That, my friends, is a butt load of clothes that will now become new staples for my children’s wardrobes. 🙂 And the best part is, THEY’RE TOTALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT! I’ll be posting as I finish new items to show you what I’ve done. If you’ll be (or have already started since I am the owner of Procrastination Station) sewing clothes for your little ones’ back to school days – whether they be refashioned or with new fabric – what’s on your list of closet must haves? And if there’s a staple pattern you like to go back to time and time again, LET US KNOW!

I’m excited for my very first back to school sewing experience and can’t wait to make this a yearly tradition (minus the whole part of re-purposing my wardrobe because I had a baby – let’s not get carried away people).



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