Pieces of My Heart Tee Refashion Project

pieces of my heart tee refashionHere I am for my very first sewing tutorial! But first, can I just say that this girl is absolutely STUNNING in the evening light?! Well, any light if you ask me. That’s MY girl. 🙂 So naturally, I’m pretty darn partial. Okay, now that I’ve gotten the important information out of the way…back to MY FIRST SEWING TUTORIAL EVER! (If you can’t tell, I’m a bit excited to be writing this.)

This shirt was a culmination of several ideas all thrown into one. Add in a few adjustments, several learning lessons (we’ll get to those later…yikes!), and the excitement and anticipation of not only myself but my daughter, and it made for one heck of a first time experience. The original idea in my head didn’t exactly translate in the final product, but I did learn along the way certain things to help that in the future. Here’s the deal: Even if it doesn’t work out just the way you envisioned, THAT’S OKAY. Really. It is. Because that just means you have another piece to add to your collection of accomplishments, and when you do figure out how to make exactly what you’re seeing in your head, it was like a two-for-one deal. And sometimes, you may just end up the first time with something you like better than what you were dreaming about.

pieces of my heart tee refashion2pieces of my heart tee refashion3 The whole “THAT’S OKAY” concept is something I still have to remind myself of…even with this shirt. But, I’m getting there. And when this darling girl was showering me with her excitement and praise of a job well done, how could I not accept the fact that it wasn’t what I had set out to make? It doesn’t hurt that she can’t see inside my head to know what the original plan was, either. So, to her, it’s exactly what I wanted. pieces of my heart tee refashion4Want to find out how to make this for someone that holds pieces of your heart from an old t-shirt and some fabric scraps? Check out the tutorial here for a step-by-step. And for even more info (on what NOT to do), click HERE (coming soon) to find out exactly what went wrong and what I learned from it so you don’t make the same mistakes, too. Hey, we’re all in this together, right?! pieces of my heart5BY THE WAY…if you love how these pictures turned out as much as I do, please go grab yourself a copy of Style That Kid Ebook by the lovely Alida from Alida Makes! Her book is packed FULL of amazing tips and instructions for getting great blog photos or photos to showcase your work. And, it’s super easy to read through and chock full of awesome examples. It’s honestly as if you’re having a conversation with another person, which makes it totally easy to understand. You can get your copy by clicking here.


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